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If these technologies aren’t on your radar, they probably should be. These product categories are rapidly growing in popularity and for good reason. Whether you’re a professional system designer looking to present the most competitive and effective solutions, or you’re planning a video security deployment for your own organization, incorporating these technologies may provide the best end result.


Compared to many other types of information, video requires a lot of bandwidth to transmit and storage to retain. As such, the latest compression technologies like H.265 and smart H.264 codecs can provide a major advantage over mainstream H.264.

H.265 promises benefits of 30 to 50 percent bitrate savings over H.264 while delivering the same level of quality. However, there are still limitations preventing the widespread adoption of H.265. At the time of writing, the majority of VMS platforms and IP cameras do not support H.265, so product options are limited. For systems that do support H.265, users need to consider that H.265 requires considerably more CPU power to decode than H.264. This translates to significantly higher costs for processing components used in client workstations and NVR servers, which may offset savings in other areas.

Smart H.264 codecs, like Arecont SNAPstream, Axis Zipstream, Hanwha WiseStream or HikVision H.264+, provide many of the benefits of H.265 without the drawbacks. Bandwidth and storage consumption can be reduced by similar levels as seen with H.265. Furthermore, processing requirements and VMS compatibility are similar to traditional H.264, so it can be widely used with current product offerings to save on bandwidth and storage without adding costs related to processing consumption.


Analog HD cameras bring high definition video quality to traditional coax cable connections, allowing consumers with existing analog cameras to upgrade video quality at a lower cost than using traditional IP camera offerings.

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