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Building Security Trends: Smart Cameras, Hybrid Cloud And Open Platforms

Author: William Pao, published on

Building managers attach great importance to security. At the same time, they are looking for ways to improve a building’s overall efficiency and energy savings. In this note we look at some smart building solutions that help managers achieve those objectives.
Needless to say, security is of paramount importance in commercial buildings, where we work, get business done or visit clients. People and assets need to be well protected. Accidents and mishaps can cause financial losses and reputational damage to building owners. To provide a safe and secure environment for tenants and visitors, building managers turn to smart technologies, some of which are discussed as follows.

Hybrid cloud

hybrid cloud approach is increasingly seen in building security. Conventionally, building security entails an onsite architecture. Yet more and more, building managers turn to hybrid cloud for more scalability and flexibility.

“The misconception often is that smaller businesses are looking to make the switch to cloud but that’s not always true. We are seeing a number of large enterprise end users deploying cloud for some of their smaller sites or locations for a more hybrid, mixed approach between on-premises and cloud. While on-premises will never fully go away, cloud does offer ease-of-use and less infrastructure that is really attractive to some businesses,” said Chris Sessa, Director of Key Accounts at Salient Systems.

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