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Originally published in BUSINESS WIRE

AUSTIN, Texas, April 14, 2021 – Salient Systems has earned approval from the Qatar Ministry of Information-Security Systems Division (MOI-SSD) for its CompleteView VMS to be deployed in projects that fall under the ministry’s purview.

In order for their solutions to deploy in Qatar, all VMS vendors must earn this certificate, which is critical as the majority of projects in the country fall under the scope of the MOI-SSD. These include retail, hotels, hospitals, government buildings, educational facilities and more.

The certificate provides approval for Salient Systems’ CompleteView VMS to be deployed in all projects that come under the purview of Qatar’s MOI-SSD. All VMS vendors need to obtain the MOI-SSD approval before they can participate in projects in Qatar. Salient Systems’ reseller and consultant partners now have an opportunity to provide CompleteView VMS to their customers.

“Qatar is one of the fasting growing countries in the world particularly in cultivating natural gas resources which has led to the need for advancing the country’s security infrastructure as they look to host global sporting events like the FIFA World Cup. And Qatar’s MOI-SSD certification provides the scope for most of these projects,” said Ethan Maxon, Vice President, International Sales for Salient Systems. “Thanks to the hard work and commitment of Mohamed Fawaz and our team in the Middle East, Salient Systems’ CompleteView platform has now been certified under MOI-SSD.”

With its robust and flexible UI, CompleteView VMS allows end users to manage and administer enterprise security solutions up to 30 percent faster. Superior command and control tools, seamless third-party integrations, and advanced analytics enable Salient’s comprehensive management solution to meet security needs both today and tomorrow.

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