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| Sandra Hosking 

Access control doesn’t stop at the door. Gaining entry to a secure building or area no longer simply depends on swiping a badge over an electronic panel or punching a code in many cases.

Manufacturers say open platforms, video and other integrations, and artificial intelligence can expand the capabilities of an access control system.

The access control market in the United States is expected to rise 10.7% from 2021 to 2026, reports Mordor Intelligence. This growth will be driven in part by urbanization, increased crime, and advancements in technology, which includes the use of Cloud video.

Sanjay Challa, chief product officer for surveillance management software provider Salient Systems, sees combining Cloud video services with access control as a growing trend. The most common use is video verification to determine whether the person using a badge to enter a location is the authorized user.

“There’s actually quite a bit of value in either video verification or forensic search to be able to quickly correlate an event with video,” Challa says.

Pairing access control with video is very important for the end customer, from the standpoint of user management and liability, etc.

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