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CompleteView & Vaidio AI Unlock the Potential of Advanced Video Analytics

 Before DVRs, cameras simply recorded video on a VCR – whether there was motion or not. DVRs introduced motion detection primarily to save space on the very expensive, low capacity hard drives available in the 1990s. Motion detection then became mainstream on VMS systems and quickly made its way onto the camera itself. In the late 2000’s the industry saw the introduction of server-based behavioral analytics with object left behind detection, line crossing detection, exiting/entering and more. These capabilities are basic nowadays, but were groundbreaking back then. 

By the mid-2010s, these ‘behavioral analytics’ were standard camera features while object detection and classification with server-based “artificial intelligence (AI) powered analytics” started to appear. Fast forward to 2023 where cameras are available with deep learning AI  capabilities built-in. Meanwhile, on-premise server and cloud-based AI-powered analytics offer fast and accurate Facial Recognition, License Plate Recognition capabilities and more. With these analytics, the video surveillance system has gone from a tool to “catch the bad guy” to enabling more efficient operations, increasing customer satisfaction, and identifying the “bad guys” before they can act.

In this blog post, we will delve into one such innovative technology: Vaidio AI Video Analytics. Vaidio AI is an advanced video analytics platform that opens up endless possibilities. By integrating Vaidio AI with the CompleteView VMS, your system becomes a true data platform providing unmatched capabilities to enhance security and increase operational efficiency. 

Increasing Effectiveness by Reducing Distractions

AI-powered video analytics possess the remarkable ability to analyze video feeds in real-time, enabling prompt threat detection and instant alerts to security personnel. Equipped with the ability to differentiate between darkness, reflections, shadows, weather conditions, and more, Video AI dramatically reduces false positives and cuts through the background noise to deliver accurate detection. The result? Drastically improved response times and overall security effectiveness. This high level of accuracy enhances security protocols and helps in identifying potential threats effectively and reducing false alarms.

Addressing Key Challenges and Providing Solutions

Fully integrated with Salient’s CompleteView VMS, Vaidio AI offers an all-in-one solution that addresses these challenges head-on. 

With its arsenal of over 30 object detection capabilities, Vaidio AI excels at extracting actionable intelligence from video footage in almost any situation, thereby enhancing both operator efficiency and business intelligence. Leveraging field-proven artificial intelligence, Vaidio AI sets new standards in analytical detection speed and investigative search capabilities.

But Vaidio AI doesn’t stop at object detection and classification. It goes above and beyond, offering over 35 useful analytics functions that cater to specific applications and scenarios. From speed detection to man down to weapon detection to queue management, Vaidio AI has a solution. 

Powerful Solutions and Easy Sourcing

CompleteView & Vaidio AI offer a range of characteristics and benefits that make them stand out as top solutions for video surveillance. One of the significant advantages of CompleteView & Vaidio AI is the ability to use any video source – whether it is a camera or a previously recorded video clip. This allows users to have complete freedom in selecting which video streams are processed, ensuring a tailored surveillance experience.

Unlocking the Value in Video Data

The potential of advanced video analytics software like Vaidio AI, when combined with CompleteView, is vast. By unlocking the intelligence in video data, businesses can gain valuable insights and enhance their security measures and operations.

CompleteView VMS & Vaidio AI is the game-changing solution that businesses have been waiting for. With its advanced AI capabilities and unmatched accuracy, it revolutionizes the video surveillance landscape, making it easier than ever to address key challenges and unlock new possibilities.

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