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Enhancing Campus Safety and Security Through Salient’s Cloud Services & Centralized VMS

Campus security strategies have evolved alongside advancements in technology. A crucial component adopted by schools is a centralized video management system (VMS). This system enables administrators to efficiently monitor and manage cameras across various areas of the campus through a single interface. By simplifying the process of monitoring/securing classrooms, hallways, parking lots, and other key locations, a proactive approach to maintaining order and safety becomes possible.

Implementing a centralized VMS on a school campus involves careful considerations, such as strategic camera placement, real-time reaction capabilities, and remote access.

Examine how Salient’s CompleteView VMS & cloud connect capabilities aid in real-time monitoring, evidence collection, swift response to emergencies, and the creation of a secure learning environment.

Cloud Connect

Salient Cloud services provide flexible and scalable solutions for storing and accessing data remotely. This allows easier access for schools to share video feeds with first responders or provide parents with access to their VMS through cloud-based technology. Setting up cloud systems in auto-configuration mode is simpler than using open-port or self-configured virtual private network (VPN) options. This convenient feature can be especially beneficial for parents with children in daycare facilities within schools, as it allows them to monitor their children’s activities while the school district maintains strict control over system access.

Real-time Reaction

  • In cases of severe weather conditions or natural disasters, a centralized system connected to cloud allows administrators to switch on the video surveillance system for first responders. This enables them to monitor the situation in real time and make informed decisions to protect students and staff.
  • The benefits of implementing cloud connect on school campuses is a significant improvement in situational awareness, which plays a vital role in enhancing decision-making capabilities. By utilizing remote access granted by authorized school officials, Salient’s cloud connect allows not only school staff, but first responders to view live video feeds from any location.
  • Salient Cloud Services enable officials to promptly assess the situation at hand, both gathering and directing resources before arriving at the scene and maintaining communication during critical situations.
  • We all know about the major risks posed to school campuses today, but on a more micro level there are many seemingly “innocent breaches” to campus security. For example, fast food orders delivered to access points other than the main office, or parents delivering forgotten items to the nearest door rather than signing in and getting authorized access to the building. When visitors or delivery people knock on doors, students tend to open them which creates yet another alarm incident that can be monitored remotely using a centralized VMS. These seemingly harmless security violations can have serious implications for school safety and disrupt the learning environment.
  • As a biproduct of having a system capable of supplying real-time response, the end-user receives an added feature in the form of service and support. Whether provided to them by their Integration partner or directly by Salient our support teams collectively have a direct connection and can provide assistance on the fly.

“With Salient’s CompleteView, a Centralized Cloud Video Management System, our partners in K/12 and beyond have found an added level of comfort knowing they have a robust and reliable system capable of supplying real-time response. – – “Nick Smith”

As educational institutions strive to adapt and implement innovative solutions to protect their communities, the use of a centralized VMS and Salient Cloud Services provides a comprehensive and efficient approach. With its ability to integrate various security measures and technologies, a centralized VMS and cloud are invaluable tool for maintaining security and responding to potential threats, creating a safer more protected educational environment for students, staff, and visitors.

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