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How Can The Security Industry Contribute To Protecting The Environment?

Editor Introduction

When it comes to protecting the environment, the security industry has historically been perched on the sidelines. For instance, the amount of electricity that physical security systems use is minimal when compared to the total energy usage in a typical building. However, as awareness of environmental issues has surged, and as some of the “low-hanging fruit” has been harvested, attention has come back to opportunities for additional, if small, savings. The lifecycles of security products are also being more closely examined, including the environmental impact of using plastics and other chemicals. We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: 

How can the security industry contribute to protecting the environment?

The physical security industry can protect the environment by adopting energy-efficient technologies in the office and for remote employees, minimizing paper usage through technical documentation, promoting renewable energy adoption, implementing eco-friendly equipment for employee logistics, providing green training programs, recycling waste, and conserving natural resources. Working with systems itegrators for over 20 years, I often talk with them about what to do with old gear that might still have value. I have worked with several organizations that donate older technology to non-profits that may benefit from situational awareness security systems. When technology no longer functions, members of the security industry can find electronic recycling centers that will properly dispose of those items versus throwing them out to the landfills.

Editor Summary

The security industry can embrace a more sustainable approach by focusing on responsible manufacturing, energy efficiency, and environmentally conscious product lifecycles. We can use recycled materials in products, design products for easy repair and long life, and use energy-efficient technologies in our offices and manufacturing facilities. Security can also protect the environment literally: Strong physical security at hazardous waste facilities prevents leaks or unauthorized access that could contaminate the surrounding environment, for example.

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