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Salient has achieved success with cannabis operators to help them with their surveillance and video storage needs, through its line of video management solutions. 

Christopher Dunn, Salient’s Regional Sales Manager for East Central, has worked in the security manufacturing industry for more than 10 years. “The regulations for video surveillance are very stringent and specific,” he says. “Even defective plants that are disposed and destroyed need to be under surveillance,” he says. “Overall, video surveillance and storage is an entire process, from the seed to the trimming, any movement, to the disposal process.”

Security regulations will continue to change, says Dunn, particularly as more states begin to legalize cannabis for recreation and medical use. “We’re keeping an eye on the regulations, particularly western U.S. states who were among the first states to legalize it. As the first wave of regulations is established, I do expect that security requirements will increase for newer markets and states.”

One benefit of the Salient solution, says Dunn, is its affordability. “Cannabis facility operators and owners don’t want a high-cost solution. And since this is a new industry, facilities are new – it’s a start up for most people involved. I see new companies struggle with the packaging, storage and transport of the product, all while cannabis is a Schedule I drug, so cash flow is a concern. But we make the total cost of ownership low.”

Another value with the Salient Systems solution is the operator’s ability to use the video surveillance system to track a plant’s movement throughout a facility as a video audit trail, which assists in compliance with ever-changing regulations.

The Salient system is easy to use and requires minimal training, Dunn notes, which is beneficial for cannabis dispensary and growers who are busy trying to begin and operate a new business. “Our specific technology helps a user to meet regulations. In addition, we are camera agnostic, so the customer can choose the camera that fits their needs. We also don’t charge mandatory annual fees just to keep a system running.”

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