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A healthcare facility or hospital is unlike any other organization. It’s generally open to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is expensive equipment in many areas, patient records and confidentiality that needs constant protection, in addition to parking facilities and door access control needs and medicines that need to be kept secure. 

Hospital and healthcare settings use video surveillance in many ways, as the security needs of these institutions reflect the life-or-death work they do and also a volatile environment where emotions can run high.

Recent technology advances are well-suited for the hospital and healthcare setting, expanding the video surveillance capabilities needed to protect patients, staff and visitors. Chris Sessa, Director of Key Accounts, for Salient Systems, sees three unique trends in the way that hospitals and healthcare facilities are using video surveillance and a video management solution (VMS) to secure their facilities, patients, visitors and staff.

  1. Faster access to multiple video feeds.
  2. The Cloud
  3. Beyond security

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