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Ensuring seed-to-sale compliance comes with challenges in a rapidly evolving cannabis industry and fluctuating security regulations. Industry success and safety rely heavily on tracking every aspect of your cannabis business. Video surveillance is essential to monitoring all activity in and around your facility, so to ensure safety for your grow operation, products, and employees.

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Cannabis Security

With varying legislation regarding the handling and sale of cannabis, we understand your need to keep a close eye on your growing inventory and stay in compliance. Gain remote access to surveillance video storage, assess potential physical threats, easily curate video evidence, and protect your most valuable assets with CompleteView™ VMS.

Cannabis facilities across the nation trust Salient’s CompleteView to deliver video security where it matters most. Read more about how Constellation Cannabis found the right solution to meet the stringent regulatory demands of its industry.

Constellation Cannabis Customer Story

Cannabis Compliance from Seed-to-Sale

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