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Hospitals are unique in that security challenges specific to particular industries are all brought together in one organization. In addition to general areas, hospitals often have restaurants, gift shops, pharmacies, holding cells for the treatment of inmates and psychiatric treatment areas—all presenting unique technology requirements. As a result, the blend of security technologies is often broader than with other types of organizations.

Video, access control, point of sale integration, millimeter wave weapons detection, body-worn cameras, and other tools may be deployed and integrated together in a hospital’s security program.

Video surveillance plays a critical role in supporting security professionals to provide a safe, secure, and welcoming environment to support the mission of the healthcare organization.

Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Swedish American Health System

“In an ongoing effort to provide security at the highest level, SwedishAmerican is upgrading all their servers to include Windows 10,” said Randy Lapp, a regional business development manager at Salient Systems.

“The security team has nearly completed the replacement of old DVRs with new enterprise network servers. This offers a much more reliable security solution tying all the medical facilities together.

Each clinic will have a single server, while there will be multiple servers in the hospital. Server types and camera counts will depend upon the needs of each wing of the facility.”


Multicare Health System

With a focus on efficiency, as well as saving time and money, Multicare wanted a consolidated, easy-tonavigate platform for security staff to be able to view, respond to incidents and pull security video footage as needed.

With one centralized security operations center running 365/24/7, along with about 100 other workstations running video at any given time throughout the organization’s locations, Davis also needed a way to streamline the number of permissions, access and remote troubleshooting and capabilities across the entire organization.


A Variety of Features

In today’s world, the video management space encompasses a variety of features that are being influenced by market conditions and associated risks. Beyond the traditional, but still valuable, personnel and property

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