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Retail stores are a prime target for theft, and retail businesses face massive problems with shrinkage eating away at profits. Advances in the quality and sophistication of video surveillance now provide management with actionable information for liability claims, personnel behavior issues, and marketing trends.

Video surveillance isn’t just about loss prevention. Management has adopted video to provide a safer work environment for employees to take advantage of insurance benefits for reduced liability, utilize enhanced analytics for queue management, people counting, crowd and loitering detection, and strategic product marketing.

Discover how Salient Cloud Services enhances retail video management. Our open VMS platform integrates with existing systems, offering real-time monitoring for theft prevention and customer safety.

CompleteView leverages advanced technologies enabling efficient operations and secure mobile access to data. 

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Customer Stories

Customer Stories


Working with several systems integrators, Kirkland’s chose to deploy an IP video surveillance solution consisting of Hanwha video surveillance cameras managed by Salient’s enterprise Video Management Software (VMS).


New Hampshire Liquor Commission

The New Hampshire Liquor Commission (NHLC) experienced a record-breaking fiscal year in 2016. Sales reached an all-time high of $678.4 million, marking a $36.3 million increase in total sales from Fiscal Year 2015. With the increase of business, and the addition of three more state-run stores, the state commission felt it was time to improve on security solutions. Enter Griffon Security Technologies.

Running to Security

“The larger concept stores have deployed all IP and 360-degree cameras that all feed back to their home office,” said Grant Cowan, director of national accounts at Salient.

“Deploying our CompleteView VMS, they are able to manage the video feeds more effectively, and with the store in Times Square, where there are more than 100 cameras, they have all the horsepower they need to look at video images.”



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