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Places of worship must maintain a delicate balance between providing an open and welcoming environment and ensuring safety and security for those participating in services and events.

For more than 25 years, Salient has worked in partnership with church communities to address their physical safety issues by providing video surveillance as a deterrent to crime and violence. Improve safety for your members, leadership, children’s ministry, and facilities with Salient.


Shocking as it may seem, acts of violence do occur at churches and worship facilities. While rare, these incidents typically are carried out by people who have some association with the congregation. Most church bodies, congregations, and pastoral groups are unprepared for violence and the resultant aftermath.

Planning, preparation, knowledge, and responsibility will help ensure that ‘best practices’ have been considered and followed in the event of a violent incident. Salient and our partner integrators can work with your security team to assess vulnerabilities and serve as a resource for on-site video surveillance deployment.

Customer Stories

Customer Stories

St. Judes

The current building stands in a central location in Havre, after the facility was moved in 1914 and rebuilt again in 1924.

It was during this time, in 1916, that St. Jude’s opened St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic School with a small enrollment of  100 students. The school has now started its 105th year with more than 150 students ranging from pre-school to eighth grade and offers extended care before and after hours.



A Variety of Features

In today’s world, the video management space encompasses a variety of features that are being influenced by market conditions and associated risks. Beyond the traditional, but still valuable, personnel and property

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