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Originally published in Security Magazine | Maria Henriquez

November 18, 2022 – Security analytics can help security professionals not only improve risk mitigation, but also inform decision-making.

Security magazine highlights a few security analytics technologies that can help leaders gather new sources of business intelligence, add value to the organization beyond security, and enhance security measures with artificial intelligence (AI).


VMS Incorporates Analytics and Intelligence


The open platform video management system from Salient Systems enables integration with video analytics features from alternative vendors or software systems and is customizable to the needs of the end user. The CompleteView video management system allows organizations to view, record, search and manage video data. Users can access live video, playback and export recorded video and control cameras with PTZ functions from their phone or web browser for improved remote management and monitoring. In addition, CompleteView provides enhancements such as the creation of storage pools with improved backup, overflow capabilities, and camera-based retention policies, including predictive storage analytics. Image courtesy of Salient Systems

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