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Representing the latest innovation for intelligent security, CompleteView is a unified platform that is simple, scalable, and secure. With a newly designed user interface, superior command and control tools, multi-point monitoring capabilities, and seamless third-party integration for access control, license plate recognition, and analytics, Salient delivers a comprehensive video surveillance system with next-generation management solutions to meet your security needs.

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A VMS For Today and Tomorrow

Global uncertainty has highlighted the need for flexibility in addressing security and safety needs. Salient’s new subscription plan provides this much needed freedom. Furthermore, with the rise in remote work, Salient’s differentiated bandwidth management solutions allow users to securely access video regardless of their location, network connection, or client device without any additional cost or complexity.

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What's Inside

CompleteView 20/20
Next-generation video surveillance software

CompleteView iOS
Free mobile app for remote access to live video, video playback with audio, and PTZ camera control

Powerful license plate recognition recording and alerting capability

Synchronize POS transactions, video data, and exception-based reporting systems

Turn any desktop computer screen into a video feed for monitoring computer activity

CompleteView 20/20 Editions


Start - Then Grow


Power, Performance, and Price


Advanced Video Solutions – Only Easier!

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CompleteView 20/20 Must-See Features

  • Icon geoview


  • GeoView

    Select cameras on a map and create a view layout on the fly from selected cameras. GeoView instantly creates layouts of cameras, allowing live monitoring personnel to follow suspects easily.

  • Icon custom tabs

    Custom Tabs

  • Custom Tabs

    Create tabs from individual cameras and view layouts. Enable operators to switch between the most important cameras and views much more quickly.

  • Icon automatic map switching

    Automatic Map Switching

  • Automatic Map Switching

    Enable operators to see a camera's location in relation to the facility being monitored. Display Alarm View camera images in the Map Panel.

  • Icon text search

    Text Search

  • Text Search

    Search for events, cameras, and other activities by typing keywords into a search box. Instantly narrow down events, cameras, and views to the keywords.

  • Icon remote investigations

    Remote Investigations

  • Remote Investigations

    Download and search remote video investigations much more quickly through the bandwidth-reducing benefit of Dynamic Resolution Scaling, now available in Playback. Accelerate Playback and search, while the exported video is simultaneously downloaded at full resolution.

  • Video Wall icon

    Video Wall

  • Video Wall

    Allow users to view and manage multiple monitor arrays. Simply drag views, maps, or cameras onto a video wall display tile to see updates in real-time. With video wall, users can create custom layouts spanning multiple servers and displays, as well as quickly identify the corresponding video monitors.