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Why CompleteView VMS?

Built with an open architecture, CompleteView can be integrated with thousands of cameras, access control, and analytics solutions. CompleteView empowers organizations to view, record, and manage video data while going beyond your security needs.

CompleteView Grouping

Operator Friendly

Centrally and proactively manage cameras, storage, recorders, and users across the system.

CompleteView processes video before it is sent to a client to optimize bandwidth.

Our unique approach delivers the industry’s most responsive video experience.

CompleteView includes an interactive mapping that increases users’ situational awareness through GIS maps and visual alerts.

CompleteView includes consistent web, mobile, and desktop clients.

There is no additional charge or license for clients and no limit on the number of clients.

Our licensing model is simple, requiring one license per IP.

CompleteView can leverage advanced camera analytics to filter results and expedite video search.

Additionally, with smooth scrubbing and multi-trim capabilities, investigators can rapidly storyboard and export video evidence.

Unlock Intelligence In Video

Invest in a platform that meets your current needs without handcuffing your future

Powerful Administration and Monitoring

Our intuitive clients make it easy for users to accomplish their tasks efficiently.

Administrators can utilize predictive storage analytics to manage retention policies, and quickly identify and address any risk to achieving their retention goals.

CompleteView integrates with Active Directory, enabling centralized user management across CompleteView and other customer resources.

CompleteView enables centralized management, system monitoring, and deployment updates.

Proactively manage cameras, storage, recorders, and users across large multi-site deployments from one login.

Screen displaying multiple camera views

Users can manage and access their deployment from anywhere and on any device, including through Salient Cloud Services



Built with an open architecture, CompleteView can be integrated with thousands of cameras, access control, and analytics solution.

With our robust network of technology partners, you can easily use the access control, video analytics, and central station of your choice within CompleteView.

Integrate with something custom, our developer tools and API make integrations easier for customers and integrators.

Utilities and Support to Ease Adoption

Design and Deployment Tools

Salient’s Design Tool Wizard makes it easy to understand the resources required for a successful deployment

License Management

Salient’s License Deployment Utility (LDU) simplifies retrieving and deploying licenses across CompleteView recorders
Learn more about LDU

Support and Certification

Salient provides live, in-person support, training, and certification courses in-person and online
Knowledge Base

CompleteView’s open platform allows you to customize your solution ecosystem

CompleteView Feature Videos


Optimize your video management system today

Our experts can help you design the system that is right for you

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