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Authored by Rachel Peck:

As many educational institutions have begun some version of a hybrid approach to the school year, they are faced with new policies, restrictions and uncertainty with what the school landscape will look like in the future. With technology needed to assist in maintaining occupancy limits, social distancing, as well as enhanced access control features – decision-makers have their work cut out for them. ONVIF asked a few of its members what technology is available to assist educational facilities in the 2020/2021 school year.

Sanjay Challa, Chief Product Officer, Salient Systems
Educational institutions are facing an unprecedented challenge in ensuring the health and safety of staff and students. Advanced new cameras and sensors are one of the most effective tools that educational institutions have at their disposal.

With ONVIF, deploying and integrating these new cameras and sensors into existing surveillance systems can be quickly and economically accomplished. World class VMS solutions, such as Salient, ease the burden on hard pressed educational institutions by providing ONVIF support that allows flexibility in camera and sensor technology selections and by providing low cost subscription consumption models to mitigate the financial pressure. 

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