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In the midst of these tumultuous times, you may (wisely) be wondering how to set yourself apart from competitors. Finding a niche — maybe one in healthcare, education or the commercial office space — might be the solution you’re looking for.

The Education Market

The education market — including both secondary and higher education — is unique in the fact that it essentially affects every person in our society, says Canal of Axis.

“They do with what they have until they get a bond to upgrade or change a bunch of stuff,” says Paul Fisher, vice president of national/global accounts, Salient Systems, Austin, Texas. “They don’t have a lot of recurring dollars. They have to replace entire systems because they don’t maintain them for so long — they lose sight of it.”

Healthcare Institutions

In the healthcare market, there are many different types of buildings to secure, from large multi-building hospitals to small rural nursing homes.

“These facilities are 24/7, so when they go to do an implementation of a system, they have to quarantine areas to work in, even pre-COVID-19,” says Salient’s Fisher. “At schools, you do most of the work in the summer when the kids are gone, which makes it very easy for them to complete a task. In healthcare, you don’t have that benefit because there’s always something going on.”

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