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Why Global Payment Facilities Should Invest In Centralized Security Management

Protecting sensitive financial information requires specific and sometimes tailor-made guidelines. Chief among these is being able to leverage an open video management platform, where each regulatory need can be met and financial institutions can have peace of mind that they are in compliance and prepared for a government or client audit.

Given these unique needs, a centralized management solution is key. Centralized security offers the ability to uniformly manage and monitor company-wide security operations from one location, regardless of the physical location of an office. This ensures that if audited, financial institutions are able to conduct an investigation remotely, removing logistical and operational burdens from the process. Additionally, stakeholders outside of the traditional security director can access the data for more streamlined investigations.

For many of these reasons, global payment solutions firm ACI Worldwide worked with AMAG Technology to update and unite its disparate access control and security systems at nearly 40 locations around the world. AMAG’s Symmetry Security Management System, which includes open platform video management software Symmetry CompleteView, powered by Salient Systems, supports multiple integrated present and future functions, including options from other providers.

Like a traditional financial institution, such as a bank or credit union, payment solutions companies like ACI Worldwide also need to follow certain procedures when it comes to their overall security and video surveillance needs. What makes ACI Worldwide unique is that not only does it provide mission critical, real-time payment solutions to thousands of merchants, it also works with 19 of the world’s top 20 banks. Because of this, ACI Worldwide must also comply with many similar stringent requirements for financial institutions, such as retaining recorded surveillance for a set period of time and having back-up video footage available.

Additionally, software must be up-to-date and scalable for future growth and expansion. For large financial institutions operating internationally, like ACI Worldwide, the risk of out-of-date software is not only a cybersecurity concern but a hassle. The ability to review footage from different locations without the need for security or loss prevention investigators to travel means that security breaches or potential threats can be addressed quickly and more efficiently.

For global payment facilities, the ideal approach combines the support of everything from video surveillance to automating Active Directory HR functions and identity and visitor management, along with GDPR-compliant access control. As a technology focused market, the real-time payment solutions industry is projected to continue booming growth. Because of their close work with banking and financial institutions, these organizations are subject to similar regulatory guidelines as traditional financial institutions.

Video management is one of the most prominent components of this total solution. A VMS platform provides a scalable, open architecture platform that offers dynamic market capabilities by reducing bandwidth consumption, and enabling more users to access more cameras from any client, including web browsers and mobile devices. By leveraging VMS, financial institutions can ensure they are able to easily access high quality video.

For major global payment facilities like ACI Worldwide, compromising on security and compliance is non-negotiable. The adoption of a single, integrated solution that has the functionality to scale as needed without adding platforms or databases is paramount to ensuring regulatory compliance without sacrificing operational efficiency.

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