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In today’s market of shrinking budgets and opportunities, it is important to capture security’s expanding role in managing the challenges that companies face operating in an ever increasing hazardous environment. Shrinking budgets might not be new, nor is the adage of doing more with less.

When was the last time you were told you had extra money to spend on next year’s budget?  But, what has changed is the increasing role that security plays in the corporate environment.

To help show the value that security plays, and more specifically you play in the organization, selling yourself as an All-Hazards Manager might help that budget shrink a little less.

In this webinar, we will go beyond the traditional role that security plays in a corporate environment of gates and guards and explore other duties that could seamlessly be placed in your responsibilities. 

From pandemics, to traveler security, to corporate crisis management, the security manager has a lot more to offer the corporate environment than just figuring out a guard’s schedule.

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