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Why Salient Cloud Services

For over 25 years Salient has been at the forefront of innovation and simplicity. We pride ourselves in offering an easy-to-use video surveillance system built with open architecture, empowering our customers to leverage best-of-breed technologies while utilizing existing hardware and software infrastructure without having to rip and replace current systems.

In line with our promise of continuous innovation and simplicity, we have added a new service to our offering.

Salient Cloud Services

Salient Cloud Services augments and enhances both the customer and integrator experiences and gives our customers the visibility and flexibility that they need and removes the hassle of maintaining and updating systems, allowing our customers to focus their energy and resources on reaching business objectives.

Salient Cloud services give users complete visibility into their video infrastructure and access to live feeds and video recording’s from a simple dashboard on a client of their choosing.

That means that our customers will have continuous access to assets and video from anywhere giving users the needed flexibility in taking necessary actions.

Here are additional benefits when you include Salient Cloud Services

  • Easily view the current state of all your deployments in one location

  • Centrally manage users across a deployment

  • Easy, secure remote viewing, monitoring, and management

  • Reduce IT overhead while gaining flexibility

  • Gain insight into drive operation

  • Deliver better service at a lower cost

Customers can register their CompleteView deployment at no cost and get access to an asset record dashboard, that includes ProductIDs, license utilization metrics, and more.

Join our paid program to unlock operational efficiency with easy remote access, management, and monitoring. If you need more information please see our Cloud Services page or let us set you up with a demo, kick the tires so to speak!

We are completely convinced that Salient Cloud services will add tremendous value to you and your team and be part of your existing digital transformation and video surveillance infrastructure strategy. Or lets us set you up with a demo!

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