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Author: William Pao, published on ASMAG

From time to time, reports on violence in hospitals can be seen on the news. To avoid such bloodshed and tragedy, hospital operators are turning to various advanced technologies, some of which are discussed in this note.

Violence by patients against hospital staff happens occasionally. Long waiting times and lack of hospital beds can make patients or their family edgy. Some of them may resort to violence as a result. According to figures by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2018, the incidence rate of nonfatal workplace violence to healthcare workers was 10.4 per 10,000 workers – an increase from the 2011 rate of 6.4 per 10,000.

And the pandemic has made the situation worse. Here in Taiwan, a 66-year-old man treated for COVID-19 at a local hospital allegedly struck a nurse with his cane and fled, angry about being confined to a designated COVID-19 hospital ward, according to the local Central News Agency….

…. At the end of the day, analytics can make hospital security personnel’s job easier and more efficient. “For example, a hospital with 200 cameras deployed isn’t able to view all those at once, so if a video event is identified, such as an individual hitting another individual in a parking lot, the associated video of that incident will pop up on an operator’s screen for further review. Also, the data gathered from a video surveillance system can be used as training tools to improve hospital policies, procedures and even training methods,” said Chris Sessa, Director of Key Accounts at Salient Systems.

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