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Active Shooter Detection Minimizes Emerging Retail Threats

Retailers can effectively add another layer of deterrence to their existing surveillance systems with active shooter detection, boosting workplace safety and adding early warning data for comprehensive situational awareness.

We know the value video surveillance brings as a superior enabling technology, transcending security and adding business intelligence and accountability to retail locations. But Organized Retail Crime (ORC), shrinkage and employee theft aren’t the only challenges that need to be addressed. With an increasingly agitated public and rise in random and directed shooting incidents, retailers and shop owners need to do more to protect their businesses, employees and consumers.

Extend your video

With analytics offered by leading integration partners, active shooter technology from Salient Systems can effectively minimize threats and address risk proactively, identifying suspicious behavior, the presence of weapons and shots fired. More accurate and with greater scope of detection and deeper data, active shooter solutions provide retailers and shop owners with heads-up predictive and proactive information to keep their premises safe and secure. It’s the kind of situational awareness that saves lives – while simultaneously delivering a formulated response plan tailored to the user and their store with accompanying protocols and tools designed to seamlessly address active shooter incidents and armed criminal violence.

Of course, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution—Salient’s software analytics use machine learning to help customize alerts according to your retail location, store characteristics and other parameters, so you have the data and information you need for the most effective response.

With active shooter detection you extend your integrated systems technology footprint and add new points of detection with video. Sharing video, for response, investigation or training is simple and without bandwidth challenges: ProxyCast from Salient delivers the perfect set up, efficiently streaming captured video on demand or from archives to multiple users or authorities requesting access.

“5 Ways to Leverage Surveillance in an Active Shooter Scenario,” a new Salient Systems thought-leadership presentation, delivers key insights on how to use your existing camera systems to take security into new areas of risk protection. We’ve assembled the information you need to address this rising new threat vector with video, enhancing your security and safety strategy with early warning, identification of suspicious events or other criteria.


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