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Author: William Pao, published on ASMAG

Hospitals increasingly turn to security technologies for protection. This note discusses how SIs can play an instrumental role in this regard.

Amid reports of violence against medical staffhospitals now turn to security technologies to protect staff and assets. In this regard, systems integrators play a critical role in making sure that the project meets the hospital end user’s requirements. Below are things SIs can do to implement a successful hospital project.

“Violent incidents are more likely to occur in areas where the public meets the hospital staff. For example, an emergency room (ER), a lobby cafeteria and parking areas are the most likely to see violent incidents. In ER’s, there is the threat from irritated family members or potential patients who grow angry with long waiting lines. In parking lots and entrances, there are often issues with individuals loitering and even committing aggressive or violent acts towards others,” said Chris Sessa, Director of Key Accounts at Salient Systems.

Integrators should also be well-versed in relevant laws and regulations, especially in the area of privacy. “Like any installation, integrators should provide customers with a detailed threat assessment. They should also have an idea of basic healthcare practices for installation, as well as knowledge of any privacy policies,” Salient said. “On the privacy side, there are specific areas of a hospital where video can’t be recorded and overall HIPPA regulations to take into account.”

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