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Any marketplace tends to emphasize the newest technologies and products. Confirming the trend is the perpetual rush to buy the latest iPhone. But some legacy products are so good and perform the required functions so well that users may stick with the “tried-and-true.” But does staying with yesterday’s technology suggest a missed opportunity to leverage new product features and benefits? We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: What is the security market’s appetite for “new” products versus “tried-and-true” products?

The security market is always evolving with newer, better, faster devices and software being introduced monthly. Better and faster versions of existing products usually see a quick uptake if the performance and accuracy benefits outweigh the costs – not just of the products themselves, but also the labor involved in deploying them. Truly new products that can be shown to improve security or solve a particular issue are usually adopted quickly as well. However, “me too” new products or new products in search of an issue to solve will face an uphill battle.

New products today offer many more features and better connectivity, and they embrace new system capabilities such as cloud and AI. However, there are still plenty of tried-and-true products performing admirably in the field, and end-users may hesitate to disrupt a system that is running well. Convincing them of the need to upgrade or transition to newer equipment is a task for the sales department.

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