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It’s not every day that you encounter a company completely focused on investing in the voice of the customer, so much so that it has strategies in place to ensure regular, meaningful, and personal interaction with its customers.

“What we really pride ourselves on is giving that voice to the customer, where we go out and really interview the customers,” says Chris Meiter, president, Salient Systems, who explains that two or three weeks every quarter are dedicated to just going out and listening to Salient’s customers and finding out exactly what their needs are.

After coming back to the office, he says, product strategy works with engineering and says, “Here’s what we see; here’s what our customers want; and how can we roll that into the next version of product?”

That feedback, Meiter says, informs Salient’s choices about future product integrations and feature offerings. “We’ve taken a really proactive stance on customer feedback. We don’t go out and tell our customers, ‘Hey we’re the experts and we’re going to tell you how the product needs to be designed and you’re going to live with it.’ We’ve done a very good job of being nimble and delivering what the customer says they need.”

Salient’s tagline is We view security differently. “We really do view security differently,” Meiter says. “We can listen to our customers and recommend what we think might best fit their needs and then work with them to achieve the goals.

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