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Customer support is an immensely important part of the security industry. Much of the industry is based on integration — technology companies working in concert with each other to deliver a solution. But what about technology companies that don’t directly install the solutions and products? In these cases, there is an intermediary object — a company, an integrator, a dealer, a reseller — and there must be a sense in which the technology company is able to work with the intermediary companies and deliver fast, efficient support to the customers without the customers being bounced back and forth, trying to find out who is the right person to address an issue.

This kind of support will allow companies to retain customers and set themselves up as experts; it will benefit all the players involved — from the customer to the integrators to the technology companies and manufacturers.

So how can a company create a support environment in which this type of collaboration and prompt problem solving is the norm and is expected? SDM spoke with Adam Benson, Director of Support Services, Salient Systems, Austin, Texas, who shared three keys Salient has successfully implemented in its customer support services.

  1. Treat support issues similar to objections in a sale
  2. Drop the adversarial approach
  3. Collaborate

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