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Editor Introduction

Cloud systems faced early resistance from physical security end users concerned about a perceived lack of control of data that ‘leaves’ their premises. More recently, mass adoption of cloud systems reflects widespread confidence in these systems to protect the data they handle. However, there are physical security professionals who remain concerned about cloud-based systems from the perspective of cybersecurity. We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: 

How can the industry address cybersecurity concerns of cloud-based systems?

Sanjay Challa 2020 Headshot

There are a few different categories of cybersecurity issues regarding cloud-based systems. Typically, this has little to do with encryption of data in transit or at rest. More often, the issues arise from control/management of access credentials, configuration, insiders, APIs, visibility and control of cloud operations, and other sources. Addressing these cybersecurity concerns is no different for the video surveillance and physical security market as it is for other markets. Much of it comes down to proper management and process/operations, visibility, training, tools, and talent. There is no silver bullet or shortcut; it is important for this industry to take cybersecurity seriously and be prepared to make a continuous, ongoing investment in this area.

Editor Summary

Current cybersecurity standards and practices are robust and widely implemented. Cloud systems protect a range of very sensitive data, such as financial transactions. However, physical security end users need to be aware of cybersecurity requirements and evaluate how well their cloud service providers are leveraging the available tools to protect their data. With awareness comes a greater level of comfort using cloud systems.

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