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Editor Introduction

Video storage has come a long way since rooms full of VCRs stored video from an entire system of cameras. Video storage equates to data storage, and there are multiple options ranging from hard disk storage to the cloud to storage on each individual camera using SD cards. Increasingly, cloud-based storage is an attractive option to store video footage conveniently and safely. We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: 

How is expansion of video storage capabilities impacting the security industry?

Video storage requirements are uniquely difficult to predict. There are uncontrollable factors, such as lighting and scene activity that can have a large impact on video bitrates. For consumers with strict retention requirements, this is a significant problem, which can now be managed with newer technologies. Using predictive storage analytics, which can monitor camera recording characteristics and understand system retention policies, can predict if the storge is sufficient to meet the current or future retention policies. If the VMS predicts there is insufficient space, notifications can be provided to add more storage or to adjust camera settings to meet retention requirements.

Additionally cloud storage allows flexible expansion of storage space for video. Cloud storage can be used to compensate when storage requirements change or the on-prem storage has been exceeded. As cloud storage prices are coming down, and bandwidth more affordable and available, cloud storage is a viable option for many consumers.

Editor Summary

The price of video storage is falling, which provides new avenues of flexibility for system designers. Technology provides additional options to cater storage needs to the specific requirements of a system. However, predicting storage needs remains more an art than a science, given the many variables and uncontrolled factors that impact storage. Video data is also more valuable than ever, given the new ways enterprises are finding to leverage it for business information. More valuable data increases the value of storing and managing that data.

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