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Sanjay Challa Inteview with SP&T News

Sanjay Challa, Chief Product Officer, Salient Systems The ongoing debate of open vs. closed systems will continue to influence end-user buying decisions in 2023.

The choice between interoperable solutions and proprietary systems is often about whether end users are looking for a turnkey solution compared to a more custom best-of-breed and tailored solution.

Smaller and mid-market companies will likely be more interested in the turnkey solutions provided by a single vendor, while enterprise-level companies traditionally gravitate toward investing in customized solutions that are more likely to address their unique security challenges.

This dynamic will most likely impact the deployment patterns of video surveillance systems — completely on premise, hybrid, or cloud-based — that we will see in 2023. This is driven primarily by the move to cloud, but the broader trend is the amount of effort it takes to deploy, monitor and maintain the video surveillance system.

Because the cloud requires less total cost of ownership and cloud access can be intuitive, it is driving interest for solutions that can be hosted in the cloud. This also opens up a growing number of opportunities for the role of the integrator as part of the rise of cloud and Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) offerings.

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