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This free webcast will cover the initial framework for reunification planning, operations, and mass notification during a school emergency.

Student-parent reunification is the most complex, least practiced emergency operations process in a K-12 school. It can be particularly daunting during a lockdown or other life-threatening crisis when parents and students are traumatized and afraid.

This free webcast will cover the leading practices developed by the Idaho Office of School Safety and Security, providing a solid initial framework for reunification planning and operations during an emergency. The presentation will also cover how school administrators can more effectively communicate with parents before, during, and after a crisis so the reunification process runs as smoothly and safely as possible.

In this webcast, attendees will learn:

  • How to account for students during a school emergency, including those who self-evacuate
  • Reunification lessons from a school active shooter incident
  • Who should be involved in the reunification process and effective strategies for maintaining calm during an incident
  • Who should be responsible for communicating with parents during an emergency and the mass notification technologies and strategies that should be adopted
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