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State of the Market: All Eyes on the Rise of Video Security

Despite continuing battles with the supply chain, spiking inflation and other obstacles, the video sector remains on a robust, upward trajectory.

Sanjay Challa, chief product officer, Salient Systems, Austin, Texas, explains there is some fear and concern about how recessionary headwinds are impacting the market. However, end customers are continuing to invest in security solutions and are being asked to do more with less, he says.

“As more cameras are going up, there’s less staff to manage these additional devices,” he says. “That puts more burden on security systems to produce the right alerts and notifications to maximize operator efficiency and ensure the systems have continuous uptime.”

Challa says Salient capitalized on the market’s overall growth in 2022 as it continues to invest in CompleteView, its flagship VMS product. The company’s integrator and end-user customers also want to leverage the cloud for easier remote access, which has been an important growth driver for Salient and the development of its cloud services offering.

These same growth trends are expected to continue in 2023, Challa says. “That includes the convergence of physical security and IT, which has led to an interest in solutions that are cloud-based, that require less manpower and effort to manage and maintain, but also solutions that fit better into an organization’s IT ecosystem, as IT teams get more involved in security purchasing decisions and system management.”

Challa adds that convergence is underpinning some of the drive to better connect video and video surveillance systems to business operations and customer experience. “A lot of that will involve more sophisticated metadata support to aid in this data transformation,” he says.

As seen in SDM magazine

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