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The presentation led by Joseph Pangaro, a retired police lieutenant and chief security officer for Integra Services, aims to delve into crucial lessons learned from past tragic events like the Uvalde incident.

Pangaro underscores the importance of proactive preparedness in the face of potential violent attacks in schools, businesses, and workplaces. He emphasizes the necessity of creating and updating policies, conducting professional threat assessments, and engaging with local law enforcement to ensure effective response strategies. Pangaro stresses the significance of studying past events to understand what went right and what went wrong, enabling institutions to enhance their security measures and recovery protocols.

By examining victim locations’ preparedness, training, interaction with law enforcement, utilization of technology, response during violence, and recovery post-attack, participants gain valuable insights to bolster safety and security efforts in their respective environments. Moreover, Pangaro encourages attendees to reflect on their own institutions’ readiness and identify areas for improvement.

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