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CompleteView v7.3: Enhanced Camera Analytic Event Support and Revamped Search & Playback Experience

Salient Systems is pleased to announce the release of CompleteView v7.3, the latest update to Salient’s video management software that includes a variety of new features designed to improve the user experience.

One of the key updates in CompleteView v7.3 is the enhanced camera analytic event support. With this feature, users can easily configure and capture any event delivered over the ONVIF driver, regardless of recording type. The update also ensures the reliable capture and storage of all camera analytic events, the ability to set custom aliases for events, and includes a new ‘Event Search’ playback experience. This capability allows users to better leverage newer camera technologies to improve both real-time and forensic operations.

The search and playback experience has also been completely revamped in CompleteView v7.3. Users can now enjoy smoother scrubbing, improved playback speeds, reverse playback, customizable skip forward/backwards and jump to next/previous event, and individual trim and export capabilities. These changes drastically reduce the time that investigators have to spend in finding and exporting video.

“CompleteView v7.3 represents a significant milestone for us, as we continue to develop and release software that meets the needs of our customers,” said Chris Meiter, President of Salient Systems. “We are thrilled to deliver these enhancements to camera analytics and playback experiences, which are vital to any operation that uses video.”

For more information about CompleteView v7.3 and its new features, download Salient Systems’ Q2 2023 Highlights Brochure, visit Salient’s website or email

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