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Editor Introduction

With the new year well underway, 2023 seems almost like a distant memory. However, a bit of distance might be just the thing to enable us to examine the impact of the year 2023 on the physical security marketplace. We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: 

What factors had the biggest impact on the security marketplace in 2023? 


dan berg headshotAs with almost every industry – from finance to advertising to education – Artificial Intelligence impacted the security marketplace in 2023. Embedded in hardware and systems, available on cloud platforms and on-prem deployments, AI is becoming ubiquitous in the security industry, helping to identify suspicious behavior, increasing object detection accuracy, and decreasing forensic search time. Another impact in 2023 was mergers and acquisitions. Motorola Solutions has been the most active in acquisitions, but unlike GE Security 20 years ago, they have a strategic focus on one vertical market, rather than gobbling up everything to sell to everyone. Also, the recent consolidation of the access control vendors will continue to have an impact well beyond 2023. Finally, the continuing transition to the cloud impacted the marketplace in 2023 and the trend of moving as much security infrastructure to the cloud as possible will only accelerate. 

Editor Summary

Artificial intelligence is at the top of the list of factors that will have an impact on the security industry in 2023. However, our Expert Panelists also suggested other factors, including supply chain challenges, government mandates, labor shortages, cloud-based systems, cyber threats, and industry consolidation. These factors and many more will continue to impact the security marketplace as 2024 progresses. Stay tuned. 

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