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Editor Introduction

By all reports we have heard, 2024 is rushing by at a rapid pace. Many of us are just now catching our breaths after the busy holiday season, even though spring is practically here. Having had a healthy taste of 2024 already, our Expert Panel Roundtable is eager to weigh in on what lies ahead for the rest of the year to come. We asked this week’s panel:

What large trends are driving growth in the physical security industry in the year ahead? 


Things that are driving growth in the physical security industry are the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud-based solutions, and a wide range of technology integrations. The use of AI and advances in deep analytics present a more intelligent threat detection and pattern prediction to quickly identify a security risk before it escalates. Cloud-based technologies will change the way security systems are deployed and managed making it much easier to maintain and grow efficiently. The growing integration of solutions such as access control, video surveillance, and AI analytics will allow for combining a total solution.  

Editor Summary

One would not be remiss to suggest that our Expert Panel Roundtable’s outlook for 2024 aligns closely with their thoughts looking back to 2023. Again, in the new year, we can expect our attention to be dominated by artificial intelligence and automated processes, the cloud and recurring revenue, and the growing influence of information technology (IT) on physical security. As these trends continue, their impact on physical security will be keenly experienced as the transformation of the industry marches on.  

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