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Editor Introduction

As the first line of defense against unauthorized access to business premises, perimeter security can alert an enterprise of potential security threats while delaying or preventing any loss or damage due to criminal acts. Combining hardware and software, perimeter security addresses the outermost ring of a facility’s concentric circles of protection. Obviously, any threat addressed at the outermost edge of defense does not become a more immediate and urgent threat closer to a facility. We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: What’s new in perimeter security systems?

Doug SmithPerimeter security has seen advancements in new technology and enhancements of older offerings, which include video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control, fencing, gates, and other physical barriers. Systems that are open and can work together with disparate platforms provide a broad, unified system that can adapt to and include advances in technology as they occur. Video systems have seen new advancements due to artificial intelligence, leading to real-time alerts to specific concerns and greatly enhancing forensic searches. Integrating physical access control systems with other systems allows them to leverage their technological advancements, ensuring access is granted only if certain conditions are met beyond just the users’ control group. Fencing has also seen advancements with bracketless barrier and high-density chain-link offerings providing enhanced strength that are difficult to compromise.

Editor Summary

Factors impacting the deployment of perimeter security systems include multiple sensor technologies such as lidar and radar, as well as intelligent video monitoring. Electric fences can provide a deterrent to delay intruders. Newer proactive approaches are enhancing the effectiveness of perimeter security, and intelligent systems are working to automate detection and eliminate false alarms. Historically, perimeter security may have been seen as a low-tech approach (e.g., fences), but technology is having a marked impact as these systems become more effective than ever.

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