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Breaking Down Data Protection in Video Surveillance

Video surveillance and the standards and regulations affecting video technology are much like the classic ‘which came first – the chicken or the egg’ scenario. The reality is that technology is driving changes to compliance regulations and industry standards just as much as those regulations and standards are driving changes in video technology. As standards evolve and new technology emerges, deploying and maintaining a compliant surveillance solution seems harder than ever.

Join industry veterans for this live, panel-style discussion as we work to demystify compliance and regulations in video surveillance.

Throughout the session, we’ll jump into:

  • The past to review how the past two decades of digital transformation in video surveillance changed data protection forever
  • The present to define key industry standards affecting video surveillance technology today by differentiating data protection from cybersecurity, healthcare from education, NDAA from TAA, HIPPA from GDPR, and beyond
  • The future to reveal actions you can take today to not only meet today’s industry standards in data protection, but prepare for changes to these standards as new technologies emerge

We hope to create an interactive environment driven by questions from you – the audience!

Please share your questions on compliance considerations in video surveillance with, and keep your questions coming throughout the webinar as we will be incorporating live Q&A throughout.

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  • Dan Berg, Sr Product Manager for Integrations, Salient Systems
  • Craig Rogoff, Director, Compliance & Security, Wasabi Technologies
  • Jaslyn Scribner, Global Technology Partner Manager, Wasabi Technologies
  • Ray Bernard, Industry Consultant, RBCS
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