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Security in the Cannabis industry can mean different things to different people. What does security mean to you and your business? How can you achieve and obtain the appropriate level or amount of “security”? How do you know if you business is protected from internal and external threats?

Takeover robberies and violent caravan burglaries are continuing to increase within the Cannabis industry. Proper security solutions are more important than ever. Surviving an incident and protecting your staff and clients is paramount. Secondary to that, operators want to keep their product on their shelves and off the streets. But it is important to understand that the risks to your business do not end when the incident is over. A comprehensive security solution for your Cannabis business extends beyond cameras, guards and alarms.

In this webinar, you will learn various components that make up a complete security solution for your cannabis business, learn various pitfalls to avoid and hear real case studies about the various threats that exist in the Cannabis industry, and how to navigate them successfully.

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