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Originally published on SDM, Author: Anna Boudinot

Artificial Intelligence in video surveillance applications has moved out of the buzzword stage into reality, with security manufacturers touting AI functionality in a slew of devices.

When it comes to video management systems (VMS), artificial intelligence bolsters facial recognition, perimeter detection, license plate recognition (LPR), people counting, and more.

But do end users really utilize these capabilities? We engaged industry experts in a discussion on the future — and present — of AI in VMS.

Case in Point: Retail

Clients get a greater ROI from AI functionality if it benefits them across departments, meeting both security and business need.

Chris Garner, senior product manager of Salient Systems, Austin, Texas, uses retail as an example:

“The retail market provides a great example of utilizing AI to address both these needs. To address security concerns, a retailer can deploy facial detection or gun detection systems to alert employees of known shoplifters or other potential threats. To address business needs, AI-enabled video analytics can monitor the length of the cash register queue to help understand how many people are waiting to be checked out. Further, retailers can look at heat mapping to understand traffic patterns and optimize product placement in the store.”

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