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Shawn Prinkey will discuss the importance of proper Threat and Vulnerability Assessment. He will identify areas of liability, and mitigation. This assessment looks at everything from the edge of the business property, the ingress and egress points for both traffic and people, lighting, landscape to ensure they meet the international standard for crime prevention. 

The Assessment goes inside a property to assess where cameras are placed, inside lighting, identifying safety and security concerns and presenting the client with ways to mitigate these concerns and strengthen their security posture. Finally, the assessment included a crime analysis and look at demographics in the area to ensure the facility is meeting the needs of the threats that are near.

What you will learn:

  • Active Shooter Response Training and assistance with liability, for patrons and employees. Also on the agenda are events and examples of liability.
  • The focus will then shift to access control, and proper access control. He will address assistance in security and safety both inside and outside a facility. Access control is not just electronic but needs to look at doors and the perimeter. Lighting is key as well as camera placement.
  • The webinar will educate people on aspects of their facility/business they may not think about but comes second nature to someone with Shawn’s background.
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