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Editor Introduction

Migrating to the Cloud can be a cultural shift for some organizations, especially when it comes to physical security systems. Challenges such as concerns about data security and compliance, cost management, and a skills gap can make adopting the Cloud seem onerous. But the benefits are there, aren’t they? We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: 

Will the impact of the Cloud on physical security integrators be net-positive or net-negative?

Changes are a challenge… and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Simply put, Cloud is really just the Internet connected to computing resources hosted by companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and others. I’m sure we would all agree that the internet as well as hosted computing has been a good thing. So it stands to reason Cloud’s impact on physical security will be looked on as a net positive. With it, new solutions can be created that solve real issues. However, where challenges may come in is how these solutions are consumed and new ways to evaluate products. The physical security industry tends to be slower to adopt technologies and consumption methods commonly found in consumer markets or commercial IT markets, and there-in lies the challenge. The growing pains that will be felt as we move towards cloud and cloud computing include becoming accustomed to a different way of evaluating providers to ensure consumer data is safe, as well as, purchasing and accepting recurring fee structures. 

Editor Summary

There is overwhelming agreement among our Expert Panelists that the impact of the Cloud on physical security systems is net-positive. Along with change comes opportunity, and Cloud systems are in the process of transforming the physical security industry – mostly for the better. 

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